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Presented here is information that a person can study to find out about the most effective way to maximize, optimize and maintain a physical body's, natural biological electric power, which is really good to know, because biological electric power is used in so very many ways to control all of the functions of a physical body.

There may exist, in other realms distant from Earth, biological organisms which have nothing to do with electricity as we understand it here at Earth. The use of terrestrial electricity, though, renders the physical organisms that are here animate-able and the way this happens can be understood and this knowledge can be used to increase a physical body's functionality and thus its durability and thus both its quality and quantity of function.

Following are a collection of ideas regarding the mechanics of electricity and magnetism, which lead to a way to increase physical bodies' potential to remain animated (alive).

This overview is specifically about how electricity, which is indigenous to Earth, works to give groups, collections, or bodies of material particles the properties that they need to enable their animation by self motivated operators.

Primarily, biological electricity is made out of, "Ions," which are particles, which embody electricity; where generally understood, electricity is considered to be the basic force involved with the linkage, which connects, in space, and holds, energy (phenomena that works to occupy more space; expand relatively, compared to mass) to mass (phenomena that works to occupy less space; contract relatively compared to energy), with respect to time--the consideration of the observation of a continuing occurrence of similar and dissimilar events, seemingly in one volume of space.

Electricity could be viewed as the force that keeps energy from flying into the future and mass from falling into the past, holding them together at the present moment, whence they interact.

Basically, electricity, as it is experienced through physical bodies, forms the median, which we generally refer to as, "Now," "Present Time," or "the present moment," which is alleged to exist at the border between what is considered to be the past and what is considered to be the future

Relative to one another, Ions basically appear to exist in two different forms.

The first form of ion possesses the property of having the inclination (bias) to move toward a greater quantity of space when it is released from effects of any other ionic forces. The second type of ion is biased to move toward a higher concentration of solidity when released from all other ionic forces.

More moving (dynamic) labels for the two types of ions (electronic/protonic) than the arithmetic "minus/plus" or the mathematic "negative/positive" could be devised. "Goes," versus "Stays," respectively, are one set of those names. The protonic (more like protons; the more massive ones) ions stay put more and the electronic (more like electrons; the more energetic ones) ions get moving more. Thus, over time, the stays (protonic ions; massive ones) wind up covering less of an area of space than the goes (electronic ions; energetic ones), relatively speaking.

Electricity could be viewed as the force which ties the universe of physical action together. How that idea can be understood would be by getting what is happening when a neutron breaks apart into a proton, an electron and a neutrino with some energy given off, when there is nothing around that neutron, to help it maintain its integrity.

An electron leaves a neutron in less than 1000 seconds when there is nothing around that neutron to hold it together in a stable state. A proton, the stay left there in the neutron's place, can be viewed as a neutron with that electron, the go so formed, and some other stuff missing.

Relatively, the proton, a stay, holds more of the mass (gravity; particle; matter; weight) of a decayed neutron, compared to the electron, a go, which holds more of the energy (electromagnetic radiation; wave; flux) of the so decayed neutron.

That's the basic difference of the most basic ions--the electron versus the proton. Beyond that there are atoms and molecules that have more electrons, more protons, or they are electrically neutral. We are concerned at this Website with the electrically imbalanced particles, the ions, the goes and stays, not the neuts. :)           

The next important part about this to get to understand what is going on is that "Goes" and "Stays" have a mutual attraction for one another. This is important, because if they didn't the universe of physical action, the physical universe would unravel, come undone, with it's mass separating from its energy, the stuff which has weight, the mass, separating from the stuff that pulls that stuff (the mass) into more space, the energy, the radiation.

A way to look at this relationship is to think of a car in a driveway. That car occupies the same unit--one car's worth of space--all the time that it is parked. But when energy can be used to move it, that car can be made to occupy more and more different units of space as it reaches greater velocities. A theoretical type car could be made to cover so much space in such a comparably small duration in the continuum of existence, it could spread out so much in space (the medium limited by the expanse of the present moment, defined, through the means of or physical bodies' perception of the physical realm, by the limits that the two basic forms of ions place on our bodies' means of information transmission from that physical realm to us, the operators of our physical bodies, our connectors between us, ourselves, the controllers of our bodies, and the physical realm, in which those bodies exist and function while they are alive) that it turns into purely electromagnetic waves of energy, one single octave of which appears as visible light. You could say that anything that spreads itself out any more than this limit which electromagnetic waves can be spread out in space to... that can be viewed as close enough to pure space, itself, at least from the perspective of our so limited physical awareness that we can call it a vacuum. Now some physicists say that there is whole anti-physical realm on the other side of the space which we perceive via our bodies from the side that we see it from, the realm of physical particles and waves.

Theoretically a car can go so fast that it spreads out enough to occupy an infinite amount of space, but it could only interact, be in touch with, be sensed and have any effect in the physical medium that we agree share if it continues to be of such a density as to be detectable, be experience-able, capable of having an effect on any other phenomena existing in our agreed upon mutual physical realm... what we call the physical universe.

Where are you going to go from here? It depends on how well we do here. Learning a way to become, or remain more capable in the physical realm, could help, no, so here we go then.

Energy, Matter, Go, and Stay all work together harmoniously enough where our physical bodies can exist to make that possible. The bodies that we have here on Earth wouldn't work where these four items weren't working each together to form a harmonious, balanced whole system as they do whence, amongst that physical system's continuum--space/time.

The way that electricity holds the physically perceivable universe together is that, up to a limit the vacated portions of the neutrons, which forms an empty patch in the protons so formed are like space and those portions try to get to the space outside the protons--the stays--but they can't, because they are held in there by the equilibrium of forces, which produces this effect.

What happens is that via the entrapped spaces, the missing electron (go) quantities, held in the protons, those protons are pulled toward the outside space that they occupy and thus, do not get pulled by more dense particles down to a more stopped, slower, more stay, relative configuration, back before, down below the realm of the mutual universe, the physical universe which we share.

This is meant to be a discussion of purely physical phenomena to contextualize biological electricity, btw, but because there are limitations of physical existence, there is attempt made here to more substantially define those borders where needed to maintain an advantageous perspective of where what we are talking about, is exactly. 

Now the other half of the question is, "Why don't the electrons, which have escaped the confines of the so decayed neutrons, just take off and keep accelerating until they become so thinned out that they just turn into pure space?" or "Why do the electrons keep hanging around protons?" The easy part of the answer is that if they kept thinning out via infinitely increasing acceleration, there wouldn't be anything to hold the mass, the matter in the universe, to the energy, the radiational component in it and ultimately the energy would spread out so much that it would just turn into space and the the mass, the matter, the gravitational component would slow down so much that it would drop completely back before and down out of the space/time continuum, to become two separate realms--one made up of total solidity and one composed totally of space. What good would that be?

Here a rounder answer. There could be some other forces, which come from the anti-physical side of a more total physical/anti-physical universe which is composed both of physical and anti-physical action. Anti-physical actions can act upon physical particles, which decay physical neutrons into PENs (Protons, Electrons & Neutrinos). If those forces didn't exist and have an effect, why would electrons and neutrinos ever leave neutrons? To this observer, it looks like the answer here is that forces involved cause shifts in the configuration of particles which form  the configurations, whose mechanics we experience in the physical realm of action, because, our bodies, the items which we presently experience physical mechanics through, themselves are made of the materials which function along these physical principals, most importantly here, the mechanics of the physical electricity, as opposed to anti-physical electricity involved.

Why does the electron (go) and the proton (stay) pull towards one another? Because they are two different parts of the same item, which tend to reassemble, but are acted upon by external forces to be held apart, those forces coming from the anti-physical realm through the solidity of what we perceive via our physical bodies as the past and the space of what we perceive via our physical bodies to be the future. The borders of where those outside forces come from can be labeled radiation's and gravity's destinations. Those destinations form only the borders between the physical and anti-physical realms of the more total universe of activity which affords to us, through our physical bodies the physical portion of that more total field to operate in, via the connection we have to it via our physical bodies.

The electronic portion of the decayed neutron is effected more by radiation than the protonic portion of the decayed neutron, which is more effected by gravity, relatively speaking.

I don't think that we got very much further in our understanding of Ionically Created Electricity (ICE; biological electricity; bioelectricity), specifically, via these last few paragraphs, but I think that we have a better picture of where ICE exists in the more total universe of action/anti-action and thus are better prepared to work with it competently.                   

Getting on here with what is happening with the electricity that has to do with physical bodies... the mutual attraction between goes and stays and the mutual repulsion between like ions is called "electric charge." Electric charge (usually just called "charge") appears (manifests) as "static (hair standing on end because it's loaded with like charge)" or "static discharge (the spark that flies across the gap to a door knob after a walk across carpet in dry weather)."

A useful analogy for biologically useful ions (electrically imbalanced atoms & molecules that are used in biological processes) is that they act like the "Harness & Hitch" in a Horse & Cart model, where the horse represents the energy/radiation and the cart represents the mass/gravity of the biological organism involved. 

The more of both types of Ions present up to a limit, means the more electric power, means the more formidable the harness and hitch are, means the larger the Horse (energy) can get that gets hitched to the Cart (mass/matter) to move it up the road.

Minerals are the vital way that Ions come packaged for biological organisms to use to make the biological electricity they need to make them animate-able.

Minerals' presence in our commercial food supply is no where near what it has been in the past, so normal diets today are mineral deficient. However, minerals are now available in the form of Over the Counter (OTC) nutritional mineral supplements.

OTC mineral supplements can be used to replace missing bioelectric nutrients (minerals).

To more optimally assimilate OTC nutritional mineral supplements, one can feed, deliver them slowly and steadily (meter them; carburet them) into the body, because metering, carbureting them into the body, most accurately replicates the way that these vital substances arrive at the body's digestive tract's uptake ports and thus dynamically configured, they do not jam those ports up, thus they get taken into the body to be used as they should to manufacture the body's biological electric power, instead of only getting passed on down the digestive tract and back out of the body, without getting to do what they were supposed to do, which was work as ions to help the physical body function properly.

Metering nutritional mineral supplements into the body could be called: Metered Nutritional Mineral Supplementation (MNMS; pronounced like "M&Ms," the chocolate candy).

One great way to meter nutritional mineral substances into the body is to make "Wonder Food." You can manually turn your regular food into Wonder Food. Wonder Food is a takeoff from that great grocery product of yesteryear, "Wonder Bread," which "...builds strong bodies twelve ways," which was fortified with minerals and vitamin D at the bakery, except that Wonder Food is a do-it-yourself proposition. By mixing OTC nutritional mineral supplements into foods, one can most accurately replicate the natural mineral delivery process, thus obtain the greatest mineral uptake efficiency factor for oneself, or whoever the food in question is being prepared for.   

MNMS works great to help a person replenish and maintain the biological electric power that their physical needs to optimally function. However, there is an even better way to maximize a physical body's biological electric power and that is to use an activity called "Minerals Held Orally," or MHO. If one holds the right minerals, plus vitamin D, in one's mouth while they trickle into the digestive system, not only will these electrically vital substances be metered to the digestive tract's uptake ports in as staggered enough configuration needed to optimize their assimilation, the calcium, some other minerals and vitamin D will co-act to recoat the teeth's surfaces with minerals, which will make them as durable as natural teeth can be. Plus, a MHO can be done while sleeping. "Sleep eating!" now there's a time saver. What do you think about that?

Naturally, there are ins and outs to the use of MNMS that one should know about, just as there are factors that one should be aware of regarding maximizing, optimizing and using any form of power. Some presently discovered proper actions involved concerning different aspects of replenishing one's bioelectric power and thus bioelectric health and thus health, in general, are dealt with more thoroughly throughout this Web site.

I hope that if you are sick presently, you get to use some form of MNMS to get well again soon and that you get to use the associated information to stay well for a long time to come too. Thank you for reading this overview. Welcome to www.thebestcurewebsite.com.

Poetic conclusion to THE BEST CURE Website Overview:

"Why'd I Assume?"

Why'd I Assume,
I'm not a mushroom,
When what I don't know,
Can not help me?

I'll tell my family and friends,
Of my means to the end,
Of the fact,
When I'me healthy,

For defeating the bills,
For wreckage and ills,
Holds open the door,
To get wealthy,

But cause some people's doom,
Holds others in bloom,
I believe it'd be wise,
To stay stealthy.



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Electricity and Physical Life are Inseparable - Electricity is manufactured in a physical body via the advantageous orientation of its ions (electrically charged particles). Minerals are the body's primary ionic ingredient. There exists a most practical activity that, when performed, helps a body assimilate solid nutritional mineral supplements better than any other way yet devised. If this action is performed with nutritional mineral supplements, the body that this treatment is used on will gain a maximal supply of nutritional minerals, thus ions and thus should gain the electric power that it requires to function as well as possible (optimally).


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  1.  Mission Statement:

    The purpose of THE (Technology's, Humanity's & Economy's) BEST (Biological Electric Support Technology) CURE (Connected Understanding Regarding Electromagnetism) Website is to make information available to the Web public, which it can best help itself recharge its human bodies' biological electric systems with the ions, which those systems require to function properly, without conflicting with any ideation which people believe rules the their lives and actions, namely religion's.

  2. More Overview  (toc)

    Most of this site is about
    a most practical activity

    More of this site discusses different ways to optimize the functional capacity of a completely bioelectrically charged physical body.

    Another part of this site is devoted to the discussion of how health looks in the big picture.

    There are no monetary charges at this Web site.

    Now you can go to the What's New Page to find out the most recent, thus developed information, or the Intro to MHO (Minerals Held Orally) Page find out how to benefit from the information that is posted here to help yourself and others gain better health. Also, there is a short history of how the author came across this data posted on the What Has Actually Occurred Page.


  3. Bio Electric Health Technology  Web site's Information's Configuration  (toc)

    1. The primary purpose of this Web site is to dispense information regarding the discovery that: if nutritional mineral supplements are held in the mouth, a carburetion type system is formed, which staggers the arrival of these vital nutrients to the location of the uptake ports of the digestive tract of the body. This system keeps those minerals from overloading the body's nutritional intake system. Thus those minerals actually get absorbed/assimilated. This increases the possibility for the body to function better than it would without the use of this fortificational activity. This aspect of this Web site is developed further on the Introduction to MHO (Minerals Held Orally) page.

    2. Electricity is the way that energy and matter are attached to one another. Electricity is the connecting link between two primary natural oppositional powers: 

      1. The power which pulls together into one location, Gravity and

      2. The power which spreads out in all directions, Radiation.

    3. Electricity is managed in the physical body, possibly via the manipulation of the photonic content of the ions of that body. The effectiveness of the physical body's complement of ions is primarily governed by the presence of atoms of the correct minerals that that body's systems and organs require to complete those systems' and organs' interrelated electrical tasks which, among other vital activities, yield an operational physical body for that body's owner... YOU [('Y' reason) Organization & Understanding], yourself襠 consciousness that is in charge of the external actions that that body performsﲠexample.

    4. To function best, a physical body requires the most minerals that it can safely use.

    5. This Web site exists to help explain how to get an optimal amount (complement) of minerals situated in a body, safely, in order to help that body function optimally.

    6. In America there are many different multi mineral supplements available now. 

    7. This Web site is a collection of bioelectrically relevant information. The results of the activities discussed here are beneficial, to the extreme, for helping to fortify a person's ability to function bio-physically by helping them fortify, configure and thereby maximize their bioelectric system's power.

  4. Examples of Information Found Here  (toc)

    Just swallowing tablets or capsules of supplemental minerals, overdoses their presence at the assimilation sites in the digestive tract, overloads their receptors and consequently wastes most of the mineral supplements that people try to take into their bodies.

    Continuously holding supplemental minerals in one's mouth (up under the lip, on the outside of the teeth) is the surest way I have found to enable a physical body (my own in this case) to have what it needs to work correctly, in the way of electrical material, at all times.  

  5. How to Best Proceed  (toc)

    If you would like to get going on this immediately, please go to the Introduction to MHO (Minerals Held Orally) page to begin discovering how to improve your bioelectric health there, or if you are more interested in how this information came to be, please visit the What Has Occurred page to find that out there.

    Since through general use, the syllabic phonemes, EMS, HMO, OMH, PMS, and SSI can be assumed to be acronyms (words whose initials represent the defining words of a so delineated concept), it has become expeditious to hijack them to Bioelectrichealth.com's Mnemonic Acronym Chart to nestle the phenomena therein explained among real world concepts in your mind, this site's information procurer, for your benefit. The page that the Mnemonic Acronym Chart襠 Acronyms, Glossary and Explanations page쳯 serves as a very good crypt sheet for the obtainment of an overview of Bioelectric Health Technology as that is situated in the milieu of general activity. 

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    If you are interested in improving your bioelectric health, please continue to return to this site, so that you can find out more regarding your Bioelectric Health as the Website is developed.

    Thank you for wanting to find out how to gain bioelectric health. 

    Thank you again.

      Best regards,


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